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Citing your sources

Any time that you quote, paraphrase, or summarize words or ideas that are not your own, you must cite the original source. In this way, you give credit to the original creator of the work, avoid plagiarism, and help those who read your work to track down the original source for further information.

Citations contain standard elements of information essential for tracking down publications such as author, title, year etc, and are found in reference lists at the end of a document. Citations may look different depending on the particular style used (Harvard, APA, Vancouver etc). At Sidra, the recommended citation style is Vancouver.

Below are some web resources with further information on copyright and plagiarism to help you understand best practice.


Software for citing sources

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What is plagiarism & how to avoid it

Patient education at Sidra

If you are tasked with developing patient education materials at Sidra, it's important to understand the process so as to ensure the material you produce is original work. It's essential to respect the copyright of all materials you use in support of any content you create, so making sure to your sources is key. Below are some materials to assist you in developing your own original content and links to download the current policies and procedures related to patient education.


 Patient Education Materials Development Policy

 Patient Education Materials Development Procedure

 Patient Nutrition Education Procedure

 Patient and Family Education Policy


Library Services subscribes to a number of authoritative, evidence-based resources that contain patient education materials. You may use these materials in support of content you are creating - just don't forget to properly cite all of your sources!