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Clinical Library: Pediatric Allergy & Immunology: Accessing the library

Frequently asked questions

Do we have a library at Sidra?

The Library has both online and a physical presence. You can access the online Library by visiting our website at Our beautiful physical Clinical Library is located on the 2nd floor of Tower D in the main hospital building. Our Library team is based in offices nearby at HB 2D.124.


How do I contact the library?

You can click the blue 'Email Me' button on the right side of this screen to send a message directly to the Library Team or you can simply email


How do I access electronic resources?

Just use the big blue search button in the handy 'Search the library' box at the right of this screen to search for databases, books, journals, or articles of interest!


Can I access the library from outside the Sidra network?

Yes, you can! Our resources are configured for remote access with your Sidra log in credentials. When you click on a link to a subscribed resource, you'll see a screen asking you to log in for access. Simply enter your usual Sidra login credentials and go!


I've been asked to log in but my Sidra credentials don't work - what do I do?

Some of our resources require an extra log in to authenticate you as a Sidra user - even from within the hospital network. Any of those password-protected resources listed on these pages will display the log in details in a pop up box if you just hover over them with your mouse.


What if we don't have something I need?

We have excellent working relationships with other libraries. If we don't have an item you need, send us a quick email with the details and we'll see if we can get it for you elsewhere. This applies to materials in electronic format only.


Getting an account with the Qatar National Library

One of the libraries we work closely with is the Qatar National Library. We share access to some resources through QNL. These resources require you to have an account with QNL to log in. You can sign up for a free account by visiting their website, completing the form, and sending them a copy of your QID. They'll send you your log in details and you can have access to all of their materials, as well!


Can I access everything from Cornell?

While we do, of course, collaborate with WCM-Q and their library, only those Sidra clinicians who have a cross-appointment with their medical school may access Cornell's online resources. If you are cross-appointed, please contact WCM-Q directly to enquire about getting your log in and instructions for access. If you already have an account for WCM-Q resources, please note that sharing your log in is not allowed.



Search the library

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